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Navigating 340B?

Let CiiTA Guide You

The 340B Program can be complicated to understand and challenging to manage. Individual stakeholders in the Program do not have complete visibility into Program data or operation, yet all stakeholders are responsible for maintaining compliance.

This is where CiiTA can help.

We provide thoughtful and actionable intelligence around the 340B Drug Discount Program. Our uniquely experienced team understands the complexities of the 340B Program and we are dedicated to supporting our clients as they face the challenges of the 340B Program. Our solutions bring clarity and peace of mind to 340B management.

We believe that a sustainable and compliant 340B Program is possible through education, actionable information, and stakeholder collaboration.

We offer 340B expertise, a high touch approach, and actionable solutions.


Are You A Manufacturer Looking for 340B Guidance? CiiTA can help you navigate 340B with confidence.

Are you a covered entity with questions about CiiTA or our good faith inquiries? Click Here

Satisfied Clients


From an analytical perspective, you understand the data in ways that we don’t. You layer on the statistical aspects that we don’t have. It’s simple to take data and look at it and see a trend, but CiiTA layers in the knowledge of the covered entity that gives the trend its value.


When we started this process, you guys gave us the level of comfort in these murky waters that we weren’t going to sink. In terms of knowledge and training levels, one of the big things was educational. The training exercises and advice that the team provided to help us make decisions, were a big help.

Develop Your 340B Strategy

CiiTA has, through extensive experience, developed a set of best practices to help guide you through the creation of your 340B strategy. Download our process document to facilitate the development of your strategy.

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