In The Know

A Win For Our Team

One of the prerogatives of being the leader of an extraordinary team of individuals is that you get to publicly recognize their success outside of the work hours as well.  Now is such an occasion.

Gloria Harrison is a critical and valued member of the CiiTA team and is a close friend of us all. Some time ago Gloria read one of her short stories on This American Life.  This story was eventually optioned for a movie – which has finally been made into the film “Let’s See How Fast This Baby Will Go.” You can see more at

This is an extremely proud moment for Gloria – and for the CiiTA team as a whole.  We are proud to foster the work environment that encourages such creativity to flourish and also to celebrate the wins of any of our work family – no matter what form that win takes.  I personally feel delighted to be able to share each and every work day with such an extraordinary group of individuals.

Jason Hardaway

Managing Partner


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