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CiiTA’s Changes

Among the perks of owning and growing a small business is that I get to celebrate the promotion of one of my colleagues, and also that I get to announce the hiring of two more.

First, the promotion: Gloria Harrison, who has been active in CiiTA since the beginning, has been promoted to the role of Engagement Manager. Gloria has been tasked with ensuring that all of our project deliverables are met in a timely manner, and to the satisfaction of our clients.

Now, allow me to introduce my new coworkers.

Marissa Korbel is our new Sales and Marketing Coordinator. After earning her J.D. from Lewis and Clark law school, she worked as a federal Law Clerk, legal instructor, and attorney. She spent the last three years as the Marketing Coordinator for one of the country’s top cosmetic dermatology practices. Responsible for developing and maintaining the external face of CiiTA, Marissa also has the unenviable job of being the primary “Jason Wrangler” within CiiTA.

Finally, Emerson Peters has come on board as our Programmer Trainee. Emerson is currently pursuing his computer science degree at PSU, and building his computer knowledge from the inside out. Emerson will be developing and implementing data processing functions that will help us serve our clients more efficiently.

Please join me in congratulating Gloria, and welcoming Marissa and Emerson aboard. And certainly feel free to say hi.

– Jason Hardaway

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